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Freight Forwarding Services we offer services for all countries in the EU

Freight Forwarding Services

  • We offer our services in all the European Union countries which allows us to ship the freight to any destination within the EU.

  • We work with trusted partners that have a modern fleet of vehicles which allows us to keep a high standard of service.

  • Each shipment is closely monitored by our team around the clock, our forwarders are in constant communication with the drivers. The vehicles are monitored by GPS devices which allow our clients to receive up-to-date information about the shipment.

  • We approach each client individually by choosing the most optimal solutions to reduce the cost of the shipment and maximize benefits.

  • Our services are covered by third party liability insurance of road carriers in the amount of 500 000 EUR in domestic and international transport. The insurance guarantees full coverage of our freight forwarding services.

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